Transmission Lines

While similar to piling, transmission line drilling presents its own set of challenges KB currently assists many of the industry’s leading energy contractors and transmission line drillers. Even the smallest holes can require some level of soil stabilization while drilling. KB has experience drilling in 57 countries with every type of soil formation and set-up imaginable.


KBs newest polymer systems are able to react to field conditions and perform where, when and as needed based on soil demands.


KBs polymer support fluid systems:


  • Mix easily directly at the hole or in a mix tank.
  • Are environmentally friendly and easily disposed of.
  • Are simple to break.
  • Require NO pH adjustment with caustic or soda ash except in cases of extreme water hardness
  • Eliminate the need for most additives.
  • Offer greater quality control.
  • Are the only polymeric slurry technologies that can form a True Gel Membrane or fluid loss barrier.
  • Are optimized for use in approx. 85% of normally occurring conditions.
  • May be used with brackish and salty ground water.
  • Have an exceptional environmental profile.
  • Have low human toxicity.

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