Testing Equipment

KB International can provide everything you need for on-site slurry testing. See the list of equipment available below and contact us if you have questions about these or any other testing items you have questions about.


Down Hole Slurry Sampler:

KB's unique Down Hole Slurry Sampler allows for precision slurry sampling at any point in the excavation.  The innovative design grabs a sample at the desired depth and locks the slurry into the canister, not allowing it to mix with slurry at any other level of the excavation.  Precision sampling is very important in order to check and maintain proper viscosity, pH, specific gravity and sand content.


Portable Slurry Lab:

This portable slurry lab is designed for measuring slurry properties in the field. It allows laboratory -quality measurements of viscosity, specific gravity/density, pH, and sand content. It includes the following:


Sand Content Kit

The Sand Content Kit allows you to determine the volume percent of sand-sized particles in drilling fluid. The kit contains the following: 500ml wash bottle, 200 mesh sand screen, plastic funnel, and graduated glass sand tube. (May be purchased separately).


pH Strips

KB offers our customers pH strips that meet all testing guidelines.  These pH strips are non-bleeding, multi-color strips.  They have a range from 0-14 with a 1.0 pH unit.  These strips can be used in most conditions but are not reliable in salt water and some very dark contaminated water.


Marsh Funnel

The Marsh Funnel allows the customer to determine the viscosity of the slurry at any point in the excavation. The Marsh Funnel includes the graduated funnel, graduated test cup and stop watch.


Mud Balance

The Mud balance is a 4-scale balance designed to measure the slurry specific gravity or weight at any point in the excavation. Using the mud balance you can determine the amount of solids in suspension and adjust the slurry characteristics as needed.


Carrying Case

All of the components of the Portable Slurry Lab are contained in a high density plastic carrying case. Each component within the case is held securely in place by foam inserts. The case insures that the components are protected from minor impacts and can be stored together for long term use.

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