SlurrySMART is a simple all-in-one polymer drilling product specifically designed to perform in a variety of soil conditions. SlurrySMART contains all of the components of the Enhanced SlurryPro CDP system in a single bag.


SlurrySMART forms a synthetic membrane on the sidewalls during excavation which controls fluid loss providing excavation stability. The SlurrySMART membrane produces excellent skin friction and does not build on itself in contrast to bentonite which creates a thicker filter cake over time that is difficult to remove. With the introduction of KB’s SMART technology significant advancements in slurry quality control, worker safety and application performance have been achieved. The elimination of multiple additives has simplified slurry application while gaining significant improvement in side wall stabilization, fluid loss control and wall quality.



Soil Stabilization and Grouting Effects

During the initial fluid loss spurt, SlurrySMART penetrates into porous formation soils where it functions as a soil stabilizer, greatly increasing the strength of low cohesion porous soils. In water sensitive soils, such as clay, shale and mudstone, SlurrySMART prevents fines from being formed and distributed within the slurry. SlurrySMART also insures that clay, shale or mudstone at the excavation face does not swell or slough, preserving the strength of the formation, yielding a more near gauge excavation and improved concrete to soil bonding.


Typically, No Need for Additives

Typically, additives are not required. However, KB has significant experience in extreme conditions such as in utilizing and working in salt water, stabilizing exceptionally low cohesion soils, and countering artesian effects. When system adjustments are required, KB can recommend the proper solution and assist with their implementation on site.


No pH Adjustment

No caustic soda or soda ash is required when using SlurrySMART unless extreme water hardness or salt water is encountered.

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