For the last 25 years, KB International has designed and supplied polymer based drilling fluids for the support of drilled piles/caissons. KB has successfully completed some of the largest piling projects in 57 countries on 6 continents including the Big Dig in Boston, Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia, Vasco da Gamma Bridge in Vancouver, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Pier 10 at the Panama Canal, and the Jefferson Memorial Seawall in Washington, D.C.


Each project has its own set of requirements and obstacles and KB International has the experience, staff, design capabilities and depth of product line to meet these challenges.


 KB’s newest polymer support fluid systems:


  • Are able to respond changes in soil conditions.
  • Are the only polymeric slurry technologies that can form a True Gel Membrane or fluid loss barrier.
  • Are the only polymer slurry technologies that rapidly remove colloids and fines from suspension within the slurry.
  • Are the only polymer slurries to consistently produce the highest skin friction development in the industry.
  • Require NO pH adjustment with caustic or soda ash is required except in situations of extreme water hardness.
  • Eliminate the need for most additives in approximately 85% of normally occurring conditions.
  • Offer greater quality control.
  • Mix easily.
  • Have an exceptional environmental profile. Have received permission to discharge into Everglades, Puget Sound, Mississippi River, Ohio River and Richard’s Bay, South Africa.
  • Are simple to break.
  • Are compatible accepted at most waste treatment facilities.
  • Have low human toxicity.

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