Mineral Coring

KB has historically supplied polymers for the mineral coring industry. KB was asked to develop a single product to achieve recovery in the difficult mineral exploration market. As a result CoreSMART was developed to replace the myriad of less effective products supplied by other suppliers.

KB has successfully applied its technology for mineral exploration in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Papua New Guinea. KB’s mineral exploration fluids have been used to depths of 5,000 meters and to temperatures exceeding 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Each project has its own set of requirements and obstacles and KB International has the design capabilities and depth of product line to meet these challenges.


KB's polymer support fluid systems:


  • Are able to respond changes in soil conditions.
  • Are effective replacements for bentonite.
  • Reduce wear on core bits, rod wear, and pipe chatter for straighter holes.
  • Are positively and negatively charged for attraction of clays, soils, and porous overburden.
  • Are direct barriers to the hydration of formation clays.
  • Seal porous zones effectively.
  • Bond with the excavation wall as well as core surface improving core recovery.
  • Have the density of water and do not impact lift weight in RC.
  • Give a cleaner hole, improved wall condition, and stability.
  • Reduce time and frequency of cleaning holes.
  • Have 1/50 usage rate versus Bentonite reducing total project cost, haulage/warehouse cost and drill crew time.
  • Reduce bit wear and pipe wear saving drill tool cost.
  • Improve recovery in broken zones enhancing quality of client data therefore satisfying a new market need of 43-101 accuracy and reproduction.

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