South Africa

Several drillers including Agua Terra, Discovery Drilling and Murray and Roberts utilized KB’s CoreSMART after encountering significant difficulties in maintaining core preservation and drilling through difficult soil formations up to depths of 4000 meters. Many of the fluid systems being used required multiple additives with dosages as high as 25 kg per cubic meter of fluid and were still unable to maintain the needed viscosities to complete the hole. Moreover, remote locations reachable only by helicopter were difficult to service with standard fluid systems. By changing to all in one bag CoreSMART system, the drillers achieved full core recovery and were able to drill to excessive depths through difficult soils without reaming or losing pipe. In addition, the drillers experienced reduced rod chatter, improved friction reduction and increased production rates. All of this was accomplished with CoreSMART at a usage rate of as little as 1.5kg per cubic meter of fluid.

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