HydroCUT technology is the first polymeric system designed specifically for use with hydromills, cutters and in reverse circulation applications. One of the HydroCUT advantages is that it was designed to keep clay and shale from gumming-up or encasing the cutting face of any type of milling equipment. HydroCUT achieves this by wrapping the metal surfaces of the drums and teeth with a non-stick coating or film. By keeping the wheels and teeth clean, higher production rates are realized.


The fluid was also designed to work in parallel with the associated solids handling equipment to remove fines quickly and efficiently in order to maintain high production rates. With bentonite, the clay and shale cuttings immediately break into fines and silts and are mixed into the slurry creating a thick, heavy mud. This mud becomes difficult to pump requiring the cutting rate to be slowed, reducing production and increasing costs.


During the initial fluid loss spurt, HydroCUT penetrates into porous soils where it functions as a chemical grout, greatly increasing the strength of low cohesion porous soils. This means that a panel can be held open for prolonged periods of time without the worry of the panel becoming unstable.


When used under normal practices, HydroCUT is not negatively affected by seawater, making it an excellent choice for marine applications. Slurry viscosity and performance parameters are maintained during excavation insuring that the same level of quality is achieved as in non-marine conditions without all the drawbacks of using a bentonite slurry in a saltwater environment.

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