Enhanced SlurryPro CDP System

The Enhanced SlurryPro CDP System consists of the primary backbone polymer, SlurryPro CDP, plus an additive package of two materials for solids and fluid loss control. These additives are EnhancIT 100 and EnhancIT 200.


EnhancIT 100 is used for increased fluid loss control and membrane enhancement, while EnhancIT 200 is for improved fines control. What is most unique about this system is that it is the first one designed specifically for fines and solid removal in a dynamic system that is under actual drilling conditions. When used properly, the Enhanced SlurryPro CDP system agglomerates fines into larger, controllable masses that are removed by the auger during drilling.


KB's Enhanced SlurryPro CDP System offers a significant advancement in performance and simplicity. No pH adjustment with caustic or soda ash is required unless extreme water hardness or salt water is encountered. The three products form a true gel matrix with strength far beyond any other polymer stabilization system on the market. All of this has been achieved in concert with significant advancements in sidewall stabilization, fluid loss control, quality of foundation element and bearing capacity.


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