Diaphragm Walls

Since its inception, KB International has designed and supplied polymer based support fluids for diaphragm walls. KB has successfully completed some of the largest diaphragm wall projects including large portions of the Big Dig in Boston, Bajia Star City and Plaza Rykyat, Kuala Lumpur, Quito Dam Project, Ecuador and the River Diversion Project, Rodio, Spain.


Initially KB products were designed for use with grabs. KB now offers the HydroCUT system which is the first polymeric system developed specifically for use with cutters and hydromills.


Each project has its own set of requirements and obstacles and KB International has the design capabilities and depth of product line to meet these challenges.


KB's polymer support fluid systems:


  • Are able to respond changes in soil conditions.
  • Are the only polymeric slurry technologies that can form a True Gel Membrane or fluid loss barrier.
  • Are the only polymer slurry technologies that rapidly remove colloids and fines from suspension within the slurry.
  • Keep clays and shales from clogging the cutting wheels.
  • Keep slurry mobile and easy to pump.
  • Allow for slurry to be recycled.
  • Increase production rates.
  • Increase wall stability.
  • Improve skin friction.
  • Offer greater quality control.
  • Mix easily.
  • Have an exceptional environmental profile.

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