CoreSMART incorporates the newest SMART polymer technology for use as a mineral coring fluid or slurry. Through dedicated research, KB International was able to impart the capacity for a CoreSMART fluid to restructure or modify itself to environmental changes or demands within a predefined framework. This permits the coring fluid to alter both its physical characteristics and performance properties in-situ and allows it to optimally respond to a specific challenge or to perform a desired function.


The fluid envelops the surface of the sample as it is being cut with a protective polymeric shield. Immediately upon forming, the shield is interwoven with a network of polymer filaments around the sample imparting strength and durability. This network of filaments repels water insuring the sample is not deteriorated or washed away throughout the coring and retrieval process. The result is a near pristine core when exposed on the surface.


CoreSMART solves core recovery issues, is high temperature stable, keeps clays from swelling, reduces torque and rod chatter, and improves the bit life for increased penetration rates.


No additives are typically required. Just adjust the dosage of CoreSMART depending on the soil conditions; a great advantage for remote sites. CoreSMART can also be used with brackish or salt water as the makeup water.

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